Professional Luxury Brand Buyer
We accept any condition for your gold

Professional Luxury Brand Buyer
We accept any condition for your gold


Tianxin XTianxin X
01:04 09 Feb 23
Perfect second-hand Resell Experience!! With the international buyer's company ALLU, the whole process was smooth, high efficient. I do recommend to book a face-to-face appointment to their office at the Oxford Circus, if u have multiple items to buy or sell. Shout out to Louise Sarr the buyer, you are professional, reliable and so fun. You made the experience delight and enjoyable, thank you!
Marija AlikumovaMarija Alikumova
09:19 10 Jan 23
good service, the buyer is nice, we had a nice chat. I was offered a good price, which pleasantly surprised me, the buyer definitely has a strong character. I recommend everyone to visit. Thank you Mateusz Bninski.
Sopharana RussellSopharana Russell
16:29 09 Jan 23
I came to ALLU to sell two Prada handbags. Matt was really helpful and ensured a quick process. He explained to me the different types of material and how it affects the market value. Would recommend to anyone selling handbags.
Sofian TaghiSofian Taghi
15:15 09 Jan 23
This is an extremely well run establishment. The customer service and attention to details is fantastic from beginning to end. Matt a value designer was immensely helpful and supportive in my experience. Highly recommend you give Allu a visit for any luxury items you want to buy or sell.
Anna StabrovskaiaAnna Stabrovskaia
18:33 22 Dec 22
First time in my life I decided to sell my luxury bag, found Allu online and so happy for that! The service is amazing-I had a chat with Matt, he was so polite and patient; even I was 30 mins late he was waiting for me in the office, he carefully evaluated my bag, answered for all my questions and offer such a good price! Very professional manager, very good company. Strongly recommend.
adrian garridoadrian garrido
17:21 21 Dec 22
I was trying to sell an item, found this place on internet came here and sold.Never been so easy to sell something fair price for it.Thanks to louise for helping me out and for the kindness received.I recommend it to anyone who needs to sell something.
Omar GazlanOmar Gazlan
08:54 31 May 22
Amazing service and extremely quick, definitely will be back again 👍🏻
16:02 23 Jun 21
My husband found this company online and at first I was a little dubious. After doing a bit of research I found they were a big company and listed on the stock market. We booked an appointment for the Mayfair store and from the moment we walked in were made to feel at ease. Jan was very knowledgable and a pleasure to deal with. I had no reason to hesitate it was a very professional appointment and the sale was finalised with the funds (same amount as agreed prior) in my account before I left. I’d recommend them to my friends and would use again.
Matthew BanksMatthew Banks
11:12 16 Jun 21
Considered selling my watch after seeing an Ad and got the ball rolling out of curiosity rather that necessity.The upper-estimate given over email is exactly what was paid.The watch was collected on the Monday and I had cleared funds before dinner time in the Tuesday.This was all done remotely, super efficient and very easy to deal with.100% recommend.Many thanks to Jan and the team 👍16-06-21 Update. I decided to sell another of my watches with Nanboya. Again, absolutely faultless service. Highly recommend
Pretty WristedPretty Wristed
06:58 07 Apr 21
I was looking to sell a couple of watches from my collection but was unsure about some dealers credibility and kept finding prices many were prepared to pay way too low, til I got in touch with Jan. Jan’s prices were very reflective of the market and he was incredibly helpful and reassuring throughout. A fantastic experience from start to finish with very swift payment made the same day.
13:00 30 Mar 21
Good people. Jan is a professional who knows his stuff and tells it like it is.The sale process was very straight forward, and funds received within 1 hour. I will use Nanboya again and would recommend them without hesitancy.
08:29 24 Mar 21
Nanboya Mayfair Store purchased my Rolex watch. It was a very smooth, efficient transaction with almost instantaneous bank transfer. Pleasurable and personable service throughout the process. You can sell to Nanboya with confidence. Highly recommended.

The value of gold is RISINGsteadily

Gold prices fluctuate regularly depending on economic conditions and investor demand. Timing matters. At ALLU, we buys any gold item, including gold coins and jewellery. If you have gold products you want to sell, now is the time to sell them at a higher price, as the market is at an all-time high.

gold price

The demand for real assets is increasing due to the unstable economy, and the price of gold purchases is now higher than in the past. The gold purchase price is high, even when considered historically. And it is not only the value of gold that is rising, but the value of products is also soaring due to the influence of overseas markets and an active second-hand market, so now is the time to sell your gold.

10% Up When Selling More Than 2 Items To ALLU

ALLU UK 10% up on selling price
ALLU 10% selling price up
ALLU 10% selling price up

Discover how our customers enjoy 10% upped prices

No Purchase Quantity Limit

Over 70 items


We bought over 70 items from one of our customers at £167,000. ALLU can buy your items. No worries even if you have many items! We can visit your home or you can send it to us. Allu buys and pays on the day with no limits of quantity.

No Purchase Price Limit

3 items


We bought 3 watches from one of our customers at £109,000. ALLU can buy your expensive items. No worries even if you have expensive items! We can visit your home or you can come to our Mayfair store. Allu buys and pays on the day with no limit in value.

Welcome To Allu For Gold & Precious Metal Selling

In addition to handling popular 18K gold accessories, we buy other ornaments, ingots, coins and a variety of other gold* and precious metal items at excellent prices according to the latest market prices.

*Necklaces, Rings, Bracelets, Earrings, Gold, Gold nuggets and bricks, Gold artwork, Industrial Metalware and Gold ornaments for clothing such as belt buckles, buttons, tie clips, etc.

We Purchase Gold & Precious Metals In Any Forms

Bent or broken gold, unpaird or single earring, small or large amounts of gold items 

  • Twisted or broken gold

    We buy even in bad condition

  • A single earring

    We buy even if the pair is missing

  • Large quantity of gold

    We can buy in large quantities

  • Artwork and antiques

    Processed gold can be purchased in any form

Not sure if what you have is gold?
We will give you a sound assessment of your items!

Allu’s buying service not only calculates the purchase amound base on the purity and weight of the precious metal,
but also the design of the gemstone and merchandise will also affect the purchase amount. 

Allu’s purchase is based on the total value of the product to determine the purchase amount.

Points Of Assessment

High-graded diamonds and rubies are encrusted on this gold-base product. The assessor had no objections about the design and the quality. If all elements are evaluated as high quality, such as if this item, the assessed price increases accordingly.

What We Buy

From luxury watches, bags and apparel to even precious metals such as gold, we purchase a wide range of pre-owned luxury items at high prices.

Who Are We ?

ALLU is the pre-owned luxury items trader. In Japanese culture, we attach particular importance to hospitality. It is for us an art that we call Omotenashi*. Today we want to apply this philosophy in the UK by allowing you to sell us your luxury items in the best way.


Founded in Japan


Stores in 17 countries

Japan, the UK, France, Singapore and so on.



ALLU no1 customer satisfaction


Customer Satisfaction in Japan

Researched by Nihon Nouritsu kyokai 2018

Why ALLU has strong buying power?

ALLU has built its own circular ecosystem which buys items from customers locally
and sells through our selling platform globally.

That’s why we can buy

We aim to be a "Value Design Company" that provides life-changing value to all of our customers, despite the differences in our corporate locations and business activities, and to help each and every one of them realize their own way of life.

We aim to be a “Value Design Company” that accompanies our customers throughout their lives. Our Value designer will wait for you.

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