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Welcome to Allu

Yes, all appraisals are free of charge.

An accurate appraisal and quote can only be achieved through a meticulous authentication process and condition check. We provide quotes only once we have physically evaluated your items. This is free of charge and can be done in-store or via home visit.

Currently, we do not purchase on consignment. All purchases are direct, meaning swift payment and no stress. Once a price is agreed, that is the price you will get.

All payments are made by bank transfer, and we aim to pay on the same day for all agreements made Monday – Friday by 3pm. For all agreements outside of this window, please wait until the end of the following working weekday (Monday – Friday). Please feel free to call us and we will provide an update.

Having the original box, papers, and other authenticity verification will help you get the best price for whatever it is you’d like to sell to us. However, we will make competitive price offers for goods without these. Please note that we do not make offers on items for which we are unable to be certain of authenticity.

No, we do not purchase fake/counterfeit products under any circumstance. We run a thorough authentication process through our professional in-house team. If you are not sure whether your product is authentic, we will be happy to check for you.

Yes, we evaluate items in any condition. This may not always result in a price offer if the item is beyond repair, but please contact us via our form on +447984 965 259 and we’ll give you an indication of whether we might be able to help. We buy cracked watches, jewellery with missing pieces, single earrings and more.

Please allow 10-15 minutes per item. In-store appraisals will take place in our authentication suite. If your appointment is a home visit, the same time frame stands, although this will of course be face-to-face. 

No, you are welcome to sell via home visit. Contact us via our form or call today to inquire.

Your items will most likely be sent to one of our international hubs such as Tokyo, Singapore, Hong Kong, New York or Dubai from where we dispatch to local buyers.

If you have a question that is not answered above, contact us via our form. We’ll get back to you as soon as possible.